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Wolf OR Expedition

Wolf OR Expedition follow six adventurers as they retrace the route taken by a GPS-collared Oregon wolf, Wolf OR-7. The first known wolf in California in nearly 90 years, and he is still out there.

Cost of Free Water

Cost of Free Water follows the journey of a drop of water through the whole Montreal water system. Overconsumption, waste, inadequate filtration process.

Shadow Weavers

Shadow Weavers clothing has forever distinguished and cemented bonds of cultural identity, but along the Peruvian Andes a network of encoded messages is woven into every hat. This is a story of how wool and straw become forms of communication and resistance- where one’s hat can be read as easily as a book, without uttering a word.

Not Without Us

Not Without Us follows seven grassroots activists from around the world to the 21st U.N.Climate Talks in Paris. With climate change already affecting their lives, they reveal what’sat stake if a strong agreement to limit carbon emissions is not reached. Yet, the landmarkParis Accords, signed by 196 nations, is non-binding and fails to mention the main cause of global climate change: fossil fuels. The film demonstrates the importance of grassroots groups empowering mass movements to create the systemic change we need. Real cha

Guardians of the Earth

Guardians of the Earth after 21 years of continuous failure in UN climate change negotiations 195 nations, 20.000 worldwide negotiators meet at a private airport shielded by the military in the north of Paris for a last attempt to save our planet.


Sorolla generation represented the pinnacle of centuries of artistic development. Among all of his contemporaries, Sorolla was probably the most gifted, which explains his fabulous success. However, artistic trends changed at breakneck speed and the art world soon forgot about him. Nevertheless, the general public never turned their backs on him because his paintings, brimming with sparkling light, speak directly to the heart of the spectator. Sorolla’s continued popularity with ordinary art museum goers has once again attracted the attention of crities and historians to his art. Sorolla’s trajectory refutes all the clichés about the history of art.

Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata located In the southeast of Spain, is the coastline that best preserves the essence of the Mediterranean. That is why in the last 40 years it has become the home of artists of many disparate nationalitles. Here, seven of them, from different countries and areas of art, have found freedom. Here, they work, create and find inspiration and enjoyment, on the shores of a sea of crystalline waters with seabeds of great beauty, By day, the extraordinary light reveals this unique desert in all its rawness and by night the duende of music and flamenco dance wakes up with all its energy. This place is its inspiration.

Last Paddle

Last Paddle? From the producers of the multi-international award-winning film RiverBlue comes the feature length documentary, Last Paddle; 1000 Rivers 1 Life. This inspirational and visually stunning film chronicles the amazing lifetime journey of renowned river advocate Mark Angelo who has paddled more than 1000 rivers in well over 100 countries; perhaps more than any other individual. Last Paddle chronicles a life-long commitment to river conservation and restoration around the globe. The film also delves into Mark’s current efforts, including the need to better protect and restore city waterways, understanding the impacts of climate change on rivers, and doing more to conserve the planet’s greatest river environments. In acknowledging Mark’s accomplishments, including the founding of World Rivers Day, Last Paddle makes an eloquent plea to cherish and better care for our life-giving waterways while also offering hopeful insights into how we might attain a more sustainable future.v

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