Not Without Us

Not Without Us follows seven grassroots activists from around the world to the 21st U.N.Climate Talks in Paris. With climate change already affecting their lives, they reveal what’sat stake if a strong agreement to limit carbon emissions is not reached. Yet, the landmarkParis Accords, signed by 196 nations, is non-binding and fails to mention the […]


Sorolla generation represented the pinnacle of centuries of artistic development. Among all of his contemporaries, Sorolla was probably the most gifted, which explains his fabulous success. However, artistic trends changed at breakneck speed and the art world soon forgot about him. Nevertheless, the general public never turned their backs on him because his paintings, brimming […]

Rooted in Peace

ROOTED in PEACE challenges viewers to examine their values as Americans and human beings. Today we are at war within ourselves, with our environment, and with the world. Director and award-winning filmmaker Greg Reitman invites viewers on a film journey to take notice of the world we live in, proactively seek ways to find personal […]